Welcome to our Terms of Service and Use

Any statement in our Terms of Service and Use can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.

1. General Terms

Please correspond in a clear and polite manner.
Any ill behavior will not be tolerated. Commissions are a professional contract and will remain as such.
Please provide neat references. Unclear references or references that are hard to see will be ignored.

2. Payment

All commissions must be paid in full up front.
The currency accepted is in USD and payments are sent through PayPal.
My PayPal address will be given once we agree on what will be drawn and the price.

3. Process

If the commission is a sketch commission, there won’t be a work in progress sent unless otherwise requested.
Work in progress images will be sent after the initial sketch and before inking so that changes can be made before the rest of the work is finalized.
Work in progress images might also be sent to confirm specifics, to ask questions to the person who commissioned me, and also show how far along the work is.

The time to complete a commission can be up to one month (4 weeks).
With work, school, homework assignments and other factors such as commission complexity, family, health, etc., it is normal to expect a certain amoujnt of time to complete your work.
If any changes occur to the above things, you will be notified ASAP.

4. Customer Satisfaction

I will do everything within my power to make my customers happy.
That being said, once a commission is finished, only minor changes will be allowed to be made.
(Such as small mistakes, colour variations, etc.)
Work in progress images will be sent to confirm sketches before inking and finalizing so there should be no need to worry about not having a chance to make changes.

Any large changes after the completion of the commission will come with an extra charge.
This includes things such as changing the outfit or hairstyle, a background change, or adding/subtracting something from the final work.
Basically stuff that makes me require redrawing a large portion of the drawing, or the entire thing.

If your references were unclear from the start and they were all you could supply me with, I will do my best to communicate with you and see what we can do. However, please try your best to supply clear references and descriptions.

5. Copyright / Usage Policy

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing and not the commissioner.
The commissioner holds the right to use the drawing for PERSONAL USE ONLY
If you wish to have a drawing commissioned for commercial use, please feel free to contact me so that we may discuss a contract that will be more specific to your needs.

How can the commissioner use the drawing?

  • For personal use only, such as on your blog or social media (with credit to the artist).
  • Print the art, for personal use only, like at home.
  • Use the art to promote themselves (with credit to the artist).

What is the commissioner not allowed to do with the drawing?

  • Reproduce/reprint the artwork for commercial use (such as reselling and making money off of it in any way).
  • Take credit for creating the art (remember to credit your artists♥).
  • Removing watermarks and/or signatures.
  • Altering the artwork without the artists consent in any way.

6. Cancellations and Refund Policy

Cancellations and refunds on ORIGINAL COMMISSIONED ARTWORK are not accepted.
If payment has not been sent for the commission, I will wait until it is received before I start work on the commission.
Should payment never be sent, I reserve the right to cancel the contract for non-payment.

In the case of unforseen emergencies or major incidents outside of my control, or your control, there is the possibility of cancellations and partial refunds, but only after an agreement has been discussed with me.
Otherwise, all requests for cancellations and refunds will be refused.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service and Use, please contact me.

7. Free Digital Resources

The digital art resources and tutorials provided on our website are free to use as described in their terms and descriptions.
Please do not alter or resell or redistribute the resources in any way.