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The Store!

Over the many years I’ve had a website I have used a small variety of tools and options for hosting and managing a mini merchandise store. The majority of the products I offered were indeed t-shirts, among other types of clothing, and the platforms I used were exactly what I needed for the time.

However, I now find myself branching off into new ideas and trying to think of more creative ways to look at my designs and with this new line of thought comes a need for a new platform.

And so, after many months of looking around for ideas and new platforms and tools that would work best for my growing needs (as well as everyone else’s needs) and a few weeks of intense web designing, I’m quite pleased to be able to announce that

The Kita-Angel Store is now open!

Whether you’re looking to support an artist and help create beautiful designs via original art commissions or with the use of the many different products available in my store for placing designs onto, be sure to keep your eyes open for the many creative ideas to come.

Hope to be working with you and adding a little flair to your homes soon!

(Other amazing ways to help support my art include my Patreon, my Ko-Fi and even following me on social media pages <3)

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