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Website Update!

New year, new me? Okay, so maybe 2019 isn’t over yet and I might be jumping the gun a little, but never the less: we have updated our website~! 🎉

While the general aesthetic of the website remains the same, here are some of the minor changes and additions to our little online home:

  • Responsive Layout: As alternative devices, such as phones and tablets, increase in popularity based on each person’s needs, the needs of our website adapt as well! The website is much more compatible across all devices, making it easier to read updates, access content and, in the future, access our online store.
  • Updated Commissions Pricing: The prices in the commissions info and menu page have been updated to better reflect the types and quality of services I offer.
  • Newsletter: I hate how fast my e-mail inbox fills up with spam, clutter, and useless publicity, so I promise that will not be my style. However, for those who enjoy a traditional e-mail newsletter for keeping up to date, it’s been added to the website! Sign up for updates on when commission spots are open, or just the rare monthly newsletter that keeps you up to speed on what’s going on with us. (If you aren’t a fan of newsletters, my social media could be another way to keep in touch with us as well <3)
  • Online Store: After a lot of research and crazy brainstorming, a new and improved online store is in the works! With the new store comes more flexibility for us, allowing us to offer a wider variety of designs and products that will be available to you.
  • Many More Things to Come: In the future I hope to be able to slide back into comic creation, and hopefully create useful resources for others as well. The creative process never ends!

I am really thankful for how far I have come in the past decade (and more!) and I look forward to many more decades to come!

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